Star of the Sea

  Catholic Primary School

Swinstone Street,
Rockingham WA 6168
Tel:  (08) 9553 9500


Star of the Sea

Catholic Primary School



We at Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School, value the teachings of Jesus

OSHC Newsletter

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Welcome everyone to the first OSHC update of 2018. We are well settled into term one, but I would like to quickly recap on the Christmas Vacation Care. We had many new faces, staff and children. We would like to welcome Rachael and Nikita to the OSHC team.

From water and slime days to excursions at AMF and City Park Vacation Care was filled with fun and excitement. We are currently planning the April Vacation Care and we plan to have just as much fun.

Important Dates 

  • Monday, March 5 – Labour Day (Closed)
  • Monday, March 19 – Pupil free day (OSHC will be available 6am to 6pm)
  • Friday, 30 March – Good Friday (Closed)
  • Monday, April 2 – Easter Monday and Easter Tuesday, April 3 (Closed)
  • Wednesday, April 4 and Friday April 13 – Pupil free days (OSHC will be available 6am to 6pm)

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